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Workers Compensation Premium Recovery Service in San Francisco and The Bay Area

Recoverable Premiums for Workers Compensation

At Riskguard Insurance Solutions, we have partnered with SMP Consulting Group, a top provider of overpayment recovery services in the US. This new product offering through SMP Recovery Program has helped thousands of corporations, non-profit organizations and city/state government entities in recovering significant overpayments and also reducing future costs.

Workers compensation insurance represents a major expense for any businesses. And, in most situations, the company is paying too much in premiums. Recovering overpayment requires expertise in reviewing your program and making the necessary adjustments.

How Does It Work?

  • SMP will tour your facility
  • You provide a copy of the rating page from your current Workers Compensation Policy
  • You provide additional records which might be needed such as experience rating sheets, loss runs, final audits, and worksheets for the past three years
  • An examination of payroll exclusions, experience modifications, reserves, claims, and classification codes will be conducted
  • Once the examination is completed, you will be provided a full report for your review and submission to your insurance company requesting revisions to your ongoing policy and request appropriate refunds. All refunds are sent directly to you

SMP incurs all expenses and does not receive any fee, unless there is a recovery.

How Do I Know If My Policy is Eligible?

All workers' compensation policies qualify for an audit; we just require that your total policy premium is $35,000 or higher.

To find out more about this program, check out SMP's website. You may also contact us to get started. 

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Thank you to Christine who went above & beyond to lend a helping hand by providing us with quotes for our food truck business (which is a fairly new category to cover in the insurance world, I'm told). She was super patient with all of our questions, was prompt in communication, and is an all-around wonderful gal! Aside from our small business, I trust her to take care of my personal assets too

Sophie F.
I've used the Irene Herman Insurance for a few of my insurance needs! They helped me find health insurance when I was down and out and had pre-existing conditions (before Obamacare came along), and we worked long and hard to find a policy that would work for me. Also, they helped me find a better deal for my home insurance, and they're there when I need help to look for better car insurance rates. They're constantly on the look out for me and let me know if I can ever find better rates with another company, so I know they're on my side. It's a small family business, and they're good, kind people. I'm happy to work with cool people like this.

Katie H.
For the past year, Irene Herman Insurance Services has helped me and my business with a variety of insurance needs. They have consistently provided excellent and prompt service. I discovered Irene Herman Insurance via a website (don't remember which one) to request quotes for w/c, general and professional liability insurance for my business. I was contacted right away by Geoff Herman. Geoff was a huge help in helping us obtain the insurance we needed for a contract with the City of LA at a reasonable price. This was no small feat - we knew of a similar business that was having a hard time getting the E & O insurance. (We recommended them to Geoff and he helped them out, too.) Geoff also helped us with changing our medical and dental insurance for our business. For our personal insurance needs, Geoff helped us obtain life insurance and Iris Htwe assisted us with renters insurance. They are always available to answer questions and they respond very quickly to my emails. We've relied on Irene Herman Insurance Services for a number of different insurance needs over the past year and it has put my mind at ease to have them on my team.

Linda R.
I am not the type to write reviews but Geoff's service has been so amazing during a recent emergency situation that I decided to take a minute and offer my praise. Geoff's service has been excellent from the beginning. Promptly returns phone calls, excellent pricing, excellent knowledge of the industry, calm during a crisis, and a nice guy as well. And when the crap hit the fan recently, he went the extra mile repeatedly

David A.