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Riskguard Insurance Solutions, Inc

Specialized Home and Auto Insurance in San Francisco, CA and Surrounding Areas

We’re a privately owned and operated agency that delivers custom-tailored insurance and risk management solutions in San Francisco, California and the San Francisco Bay area. We’ve served individuals, families, and businesses for almost two decades and our staff has a collective 86 years of experience. We’re licensed in surplus + excess lines, which means that we can write any type of insurance and provide any type of solution. We’re also authorized to write specialized policies through AARP, Anthem Blue Shield, and Transamerica.

We take pride in giving each client the best insurance experience possible and we ensure that he or she gets it. We can find any coverage needed but among our own offerings are broad and flexible personal and commercial insurance programs. Included in our personal program selection are home and auto.

Home and Auto Insurance

Home insurance is a vital part of the lives of residents of California, and given the unique geographic terrain and weather patterns of the area, it’s important that the home insurance that these residents purchase is comprehensive. At Riskguard Insurance Solutions we have a vast and adaptable home insurance program that offers coverage that a homeowner needs at the right price. We’ll adapt this program to fit your individual needs.

Auto insurance, like home insurance, is essential. It keeps drivers in compliance and it keeps them covered against the myriad of risks that these drivers face while they’re on and off the road. Our auto insurance program is as vast and adaptable as our home insurance program and we will tailor a package through this program to you.

You can save money on your home and/or auto insurance by combining home and auto insurance policies. To learn more about this combination, see our home & auto page and/or ask an agent

Business Insurance

California is one of the most commercially active states in the U.S., and the San Francisco Bay area is one of the most bustling business communities in California. It therefore is essential that all businesses in and around San Francisco be able to run smoothly and without unnecessary financial loss. Our business coverage program allows businesses in and around San Francisco to do this and to pay minimal costs in order to do it. From business owners policies (BOPs) to commercial general liability (CGL), our program has the coverages that businesses need to stay protected.

We also offer programs for specific industries. See our program list to find your industry and to discover the coverages available to you through the program for that industry.

It’s important to us to help the commercial health of our service areas stay strong, and providing insurance is one way to ensure this strength. However, there’s more that we do, and these efforts strengthen the communities we serve commercially and socially.

Community Involvement

We support and sponsor charities and other organizations that help people find and use the resources they need in order to live more easily. We participate in local events and activities that celebrate the communities we serve, and this helps us get to know people and businesses better. Additionally, we work with local organizations that improve San Francisco and California socio-economically. These and other efforts make our service areas better places to live and work.

Our Agency and Getting in Touch

We offer products in areas in which insurance is difficult to place. From homeowners who can’t easily get insurance to food trucks and nonprofits, we provide insurance that’s needed when and where it’s needed. We have specialized policies that range from cyber liability to identify theft and these policies can be parts of personal and commercial policies. 

We provide notary services to our clients. We also manage risk and claims and provide ongoing education throughout the lives of policies.  These and other services make it easy for us to give clients the solutions they need and to support clients continuously. As a result, we make sure that policies are always current and therefore effective, and we also make sure that rates are appropriate.

We’re fully available, and during business hours we answer calls within three rings. In the rare case that we don’t get to the phone, we answer a voicemail as soon as possible. We also communicate via email and text and we're happy to adapt to any client’s preferred methods of communication.

To learn more please contact us or give us a call. You can request a quote if you’re ready to start on a policy.

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Thank you to Christine who went above & beyond to lend a helping hand by providing us with quotes for our food truck business (which is a fairly new category to cover in the insurance world, I'm told). She was super patient with all of our questions, was prompt in communication, and is an all-around wonderful gal! Aside from our small business, I trust her to take care of my personal assets too

Sophie F.
I've used the Irene Herman Insurance for a few of my insurance needs! They helped me find health insurance when I was down and out and had pre-existing conditions (before Obamacare came along), and we worked long and hard to find a policy that would work for me. Also, they helped me find a better deal for my home insurance, and they're there when I need help to look for better car insurance rates. They're constantly on the look out for me and let me know if I can ever find better rates with another company, so I know they're on my side. It's a small family business, and they're good, kind people. I'm happy to work with cool people like this.

Katie H.
For the past year, Irene Herman Insurance Services has helped me and my business with a variety of insurance needs. They have consistently provided excellent and prompt service. I discovered Irene Herman Insurance via a website (don't remember which one) to request quotes for w/c, general and professional liability insurance for my business. I was contacted right away by Geoff Herman. Geoff was a huge help in helping us obtain the insurance we needed for a contract with the City of LA at a reasonable price. This was no small feat - we knew of a similar business that was having a hard time getting the E & O insurance. (We recommended them to Geoff and he helped them out, too.) Geoff also helped us with changing our medical and dental insurance for our business. For our personal insurance needs, Geoff helped us obtain life insurance and Iris Htwe assisted us with renters insurance. They are always available to answer questions and they respond very quickly to my emails. We've relied on Irene Herman Insurance Services for a number of different insurance needs over the past year and it has put my mind at ease to have them on my team.

Linda R.
I am not the type to write reviews but Geoff's service has been so amazing during a recent emergency situation that I decided to take a minute and offer my praise. Geoff's service has been excellent from the beginning. Promptly returns phone calls, excellent pricing, excellent knowledge of the industry, calm during a crisis, and a nice guy as well. And when the crap hit the fan recently, he went the extra mile repeatedly

David A.